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13 September 2022

Classic Cars Inspire Contemporary Looks

In the true spirit of the origins of the Concours d'Elegance, the 2022 Tenth Anniversary Concours of Elegance will be staged this year at the historic Hampton Court Palace, former residence of King Henry VIII. In the presence of HRH Prince Michael of Kent –who is very much a “hands-on” motoring enthusiast as well as President of The Royal Automobile Club – the event brings together across its manicured lawns some of the rarest motor cars and their distinguished owners from around the globe. On display will feature some of the world’s most prestigious motoring vehicles, one of which will be judged as Best in Show at the end of the three-day event.

Classic cars and sartorial elegance have always gone hand in hand. When the accessibility of the automobile was limited to the wealthy elite, early adopters were naturally also the leaders of fashion, as well as technological innovation. As such, they were invariably conscious of looking their very best – especially when behind the wheel. Early motoring attire was en vogue at the time and being seen in a driving jacket supplemented with an array of specialised hats, goggles, gloves and other driving accessories was immediately indicative of elevated social status. Not surprisingly, early car owners exuded air of easy, yet sophisticated confidence and sported stylish Savile Row motoring apparel, alerting others to the fact that they were affluent individuals on the move.

In tandem, London society achieved grooming greatness in the experienced hands of London’s barbering best. Truefitt & Hill pre-dates the invention of the first automobile – Carl Benz’s three-wheeled Benz Patent Motor Car – by a good eighty years and were already perfectly positioned to shave, tease and trim the locks, moustaches and beards of elite motor heads. 

Across the generations and throughout motoring history, research shows that gentlemen like to express themselves in many ways, but two approaches continue to be the most popular: the way in which they wear their hair and the car that they choose to drive. It is no surprise that a gentleman’s coiffure is often a good indication of the model of his car. Afterall, both cars and hairstyles are highly aesthetic choices, so it is only natural that they should often correlate with each other.

But it is not just hair that finds compatibility with motoring. Fragrance choice too is thought to find an equal match. Looking at Truefitt’s fragrance family, there are certain scents that match certain moods. The carefree, summer-fresh 1805 Cologne is perfectly suited to an open-top sojourn in the countryside. Or the classic Trafalgar: a tip-top choice for a leisurely drive in something suitably classic to a favourite dinner destination. Or Apsley: distinctive, sophisticated and captivating, it naturally aligns itself with a British-built motor car, one driven by James Bond himself!

On that note, do pay careful attention to our exclusive nod this month to 007, in conjunction with Truefitt’s participation in the tenth-annual Concours of Elegance.

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