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07 January 2022

Step Out Of The Wild - Tips To Tame Your Mane

Fix or ‘The Cure’

In this humidity, it takes more than just strong nerves to ‘keep calm and carry on’ with your day with a presentable hair style. For those of us still fortunate enough to have a wild mane of hair, , keeping it tame can sometimes be a rather arduous task, unless of course you don’t want a fix at all, but to ‘Cure’ it – like Robert Smith during the nineties.

Take Hair in Hand

Whether it’s thick and frizzy, or coarse and wavy, n here are a few tips if you want to step out looking your best, embrace your inner Don Draper and ditch the Don King.

Tame or Transform

A well-executed haircut – and it doesn’t have to be trendy, just as long as it's stylish – will automatically raise your head (of hair) above the crowd. And Truefitt & Hill have a trusted team of supreme experts on hand, with some innovative products to keep it there.

Truefitt & Hill’s Styling Paste performs consummately on short to medium hair, while our Styling Wax - specially formulated using ‘Propolis’ (a naturally occurring resin) is perfect for both taming or transforming longer locks.

Keep it Regular

A fresh cut will always make you look your best, while leaving a wild mane too long only makes it more pronounced.



There isn’t a one-rule-fits-all when it comes to finding the perfect hair product for you, but the best bet is to ask an expert, and our barbers have seen enough hair-types in their careers - some Royal, some riotous - to advise even the toughest client.

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